Uppababy Minu VS Babyzen YOYO: Full In-depth Comparison

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The hottest rivalry since coke vs pepsi the Babyzen Yoyo vs Uppababy Minu is a tough one. While they are both two of our top rated lightweight stroller they couldn’t be more different. The Babyzen Yoyo is perhaps as small as compact as you get but of course that means there are certain features which are compromised because of the small build of the YOYO. On the other hand the Minu comes jam packed with features but it is a bit bigger than the YOYO. Both are heavyweight contenders. They are both newborn compatible and have amazing seats, the YOYO has an AMAZING ride along board while the Minu does not, there are so many ways to compare these top rated strollers. 


The Babyzen YOYO  stroller is 42″ L x 17″ x 34″ H and is big enough where your child will be comfortable and small enough to navigate any condition with ease. It weighs only 13 lbs so it is super easy to push but it can hold a child 16-40 lbs. The Minu clocks in at  35.5″L x 20.5″W x 41″H the Minu. It weighs about 14.8lb so it is easy to carry and bring with the family.


Babyzen Yoyo folded is 20″ L x 17″ x 7″ H and it is an easy fold. All you have to do to fold is use two hands, press the two white buttons to flip back the canopy and handlebar. Reach down for the black tab and pull up to collapse the entire stroller. The fold is so compact it can fill in the overhead compartment of an aircraft, its carry strap also makes carrying it that much easier. On the other end the Uppababy Minu has the most unique and fold. It folds in an easy one hand and one smooth motion. Folded it is 1.5″L x 20.5″W x 23″H. It has a built-in carry handle and shoulder strap making it the easiest thing to carry. It comes with a storage bag to use when it is not in used. It is small enough to bring with you on an airplane as well.




The BabyZen YoYo offers the 0+ pack to be purchased separately in order to be newborn compatible.  The Babyzen YOYO+ also has a multi-position strap recline although it is important to note it does not have a true flat recline. It also has  forward facing seat 1seat. so your child will be comfortable.The seat on the YoYo+ is slinglight, supported by being attached on both sides. The seat back height is 16’ so it can accommodate a slightly taller child.  The seat can hold a child 16-40 lbs.The YOYO+ is also car seat compatible for Maxi Cosi/Cybex/Nuna with the purchase of an additional adapter. 



The Minu is a stroller that can grow with your child. If you purchase From Birth Kit for the Minu, the Minu is able to accommodate your newborn. The From birth Kit allows your infant to lay completely flat and can hold up to seats20 lbs giving your child plenty of room to lay. You can unzip to add airflow. It easily attaches to stroller and also has a five-point harness to protect your little one. The mattress is machine washable and the canopy comes with an extendable UPS 50 sunshade. The best part of the birth kit is that it also folds with the stroller so it’s still light and easy to carry. UPPAbaby Minu regular seat is suitable for a child of 3 months up to 50lbs. It’s multi-position recline allows your child to sit or nap comfortably. The seats come with a sun canopy that protects UPF 50 plus .There is a little mesh window on the canopy that is covered with a magnetic flap that allows you to peak at your baby without disturbing them.




The Babyzen YOYO is compatible with select infant car seats with the use of adaptors to create a convenient travel system (car seats and adaptors sold separately).The UPPAbaby Minu can be used with the UPPAbaby MESA car seat with the use of additional adapters. Other car seats that are compatible are Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex with the purchase of additional adapters. The Minu can also fold with the adapters attached.

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The BabyZen YoYo wheels measure 5.3″ and have all-wheel shock absorbing suspension so the ride is easy and can handle rough terrain. Minu’s wheels are 5″/7″ all-wheel suspension to help navigate every bump with ease.The brakes give you an easy safe stop with one simple click, very flip flop friendly.The wheels and brakes of this strollers work like a charm.


The YoYo+ and the Minu both have set handlebars that are NOT adjustable.



The YoYo+ has a a large accessible underseat basket which can hold a medium diaper bag. Babyzen also offers their amazing YoYO+ bag sold separately which can also hold all your baby gear. The Minu has an extremely generous under seat basket. The maximum basket capacity is a hefty 20lbs. It also has a storage pocket to keep essentials (keys, phone) within reach.



Babyzen YOYO+ comes in 18 different colors including but not limited to ; black/blue, Black/Pink, Black/Pink, Black/Red and more! With so many color options it’s so easy to customize a stroller which fits your personality! Just because it is small doesn’t mean the Minu doesn’t have style. The Minu handlebars are made out of real leather that will mature with use. Currently it is available in the colors Denny,Jordan, Ryan, Jake and Devin. The colors are gender neutral and you get to pick which color suits your family more.
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There are so many accessories that parents can purchase to customize and add to their stroller including but not limited to; BabyZen YOYO+ Car Seat Adapters, BabyZen YOYO Travel Bag,BabyZen YOYO 6+ Insect Shield, BabyZen Cup holder and more.When you purchase the Minu stroller you also get the storage bag but there are other accessories you can purchase to customize your stroller. Some of the accessories you can buy are Minu travel bag, carry all parent organizer,cup holder, rain shield and much more.

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The BabyZen YoYo+ is available with the 0+ pack, 6+ pack, or both together. The basic stroller with the 6+ pack retails for $499. The 0+ Newborn Pack Currently the Minu starts at $399.99 and if you want to purchase From Birth Kit it is an additional $129.99. It is a great investment if you are looking for a lightweight stroller that is comfortable for both baby and parent.retails for $225, which is needed for infants.

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UPPAbaby Minu BabyZen YOYO
Stroller Weight 14.8 lbs 9.5 lbs
Weight Capacity 50 lbs 40 lbs
Dimensions 35.5″L x 20.5″W x 41″H 42″ L x 17″ x 34″ H
Folded Dimensions 1.5″L x 20.5″W x 23″H 20.5” x 17” x 7”
Wheel Size 5″/7″ Small
Car Seat Compatible
Basket Size Large Large
Adjustable handlebar
Back Panel Mesh & Covered vinyl window
Canopy Large 3 Panel Small 2 Panel
Ease-of-Fold One-hand, one step One-hand fold
Lockable Front Wheels
Included Accessories Storage bag Rain cover
Optional Accessories  Minu travel bag, carry all parent organizer,cup holder, rain shield and much more BabyZen YOYO+ Car Seat AdaptersBabyZen YOYO Travel Bag,BabyZen YOYO 6+ Insect ShieldBabyZen Cup holder and more.
Ride along options ( Stroller Board)
Reversible seat
Price $399.99 $499.00

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