With the release of the awesome new Nuna Triv stroller, you’ll probably wondering how does the Nuna Triv compare to the Nuna Mixx stroller? The Nuna Mixx has been around for years and parents everywhere love theirs. Now there is a new Nuna Triv and they may seem very similar, but there are some very key differences between them.

The Nuna Mixx is a larger more robust stroller, while the new Triv is designed to fit urban parents who are on the go. Both feature a reversible seat and pair beautifully with a Pipa car seat.

Nuna Mixx vs Nuna Triv Dimensions

The Nuna Mixx measures 37″ L x 23.5″ W x 44″ H, while the Nuna Triv measures in at 34.5 L x 20″ W x 43.5″ H. The Nuna Triv is a bit more compact and narrower than the Nuna Mixx.


Nuna Mixx vs Nuna Triv Weight & Capacity 

The Nuna Mixx officially weighs 27 lbs, while the Triv is lighter-weight and weighs just 19.4 lbs. Both the Mixx and Triv can accommodate children from birth to 50 lbs.

scale mixx triv


Nuna Mixx vs Nuna Triv Wheels

You’ll notice a difference immediately in the wheels of the strollers. Both strollers have all-wheel suspension for a smooth push and ride. However the Mixx features much larger back tires. While this contributes to the size and weight of the stroller, larger wheels make pushing over rough terrain much easier. The Triv wheels measure 7″ front / 7.5″ rear, while the Mixx’s measure 7.5″ front / 10″ rear.


Nuna Mixx vs Nuna Triv Fold

Because the Triv is a smaller stroller, it also folds much smaller as well. The Triv stroller can fold with just one hand, while you’ll need two hands to fold the Mixx. When folded, the new Triv can stand on its own (the Mixx cannot)


Nuna Mixx vs Nuna Triv Seat

Yay! Both strollers feature Nuna’s awesome all-weather seat. Both seats reverse easily so that your baby can face you or the world.


Nuna Mixx vs Nuna Triv Recline

The Nuna Mixx seat can recline to 5 positions, while the Triv can only recline to 3 positions.

triv mixx recline

Triv                                                                                                                                                                       Mixx

Nuna Mixx vs Nuna Triv Handlebar

Both the Mixx and Triv feature an adjustable handlebar to accommodate parents of different heights, as well as luxe leatherette details

triv mixx reclineNuna Mixx vs Nuna Triv Canopy

You’ll find the awesome UPF 50+ extendable canopy on the Mixx and Triv strollers.

triv mixx recline

Nuna Mixx vs Nuna Triv Bassinet

Right now there is only a bassinet option for the Nuna Mixx, not the Triv.

nuna bassint car seatNuna Mixx vs Nuna Triv Accessories

Both the Nuna Triv and Nuna Mixx includes the ring adapter (the Triv can fold with it on!), however the Triv includes the rain cover as well for a nice bonus!

*shown Nuna mixx

                                                                                                                                                           *Shown Nuna Mixx

Nuna Mixx vs Nuna Triv Price

The Nuna Mixx retails at $649.95, and the Triv at $699.95.

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Check out our comparison chart down bellow ⇓

  Nuna Mixx stroller Nuna Triv stroller
Ring adapter included √ Foldable
Rain cover Sold separately Included
Compatible with PIPA™ series infant car seats
Bassinet compatibility X
Weight 27 lb* 19.4 lb**
Weight of frame + ring adapter 20.6 lb 14.6 lb
Seat faces both ways
Recline 5 positions 3 positions
All-season seat
No rethread, 5 to 3 point harness
Extendable UPF 50+ canopy
Leatherette pushbar and armbar
Height-adjustable handle
Adjustable calf support
One-touch brake
All-wheel suspension
Spring suspension technology  X
Rubber tire Rear tires
One-hand fold X
Stands when folded X
Price 649.95 699.95

*Without winter seat or armbar | **Without winter seat, armbar, or canopy

Check out our comparison video down below ⇓

shop npw clearNuna Triv