In-Depth Comparison – Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 VS Baby Jogger City Mini 2

Let’s compare the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and the Baby Jogger City Mini 2! These two strollers are both awesome options from Baby Jogger, with some shared benefits, and some differences. Parents love these strollers for their practical features, and exclusive details!

City Mini 2 (left) / City Mini GT2 (right)

We recommend the City Mini 2 if you’ll be using the stroller in urban areas, and the City Mini GT2 if you plan on using the stroller for rough, uneven terrain, not just on the sidewalk. Both these strollers come with really cool features – choose the one that will work best for you!

Here are some ways the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and the Baby Jogger City Mini 2 are different!

City Mini GT2
City Mini 2


The City Mini 2 has a classic footbrake that is easy to work, while the City Mini GT2 has a really cool handbrake that you push to lock and unlock the wheels.

City Mini 2
City Mini GT2


These strollers both come with huge canopies that provide UV50+ protection! The GT2 stroller has a mesh peek-a-boo window for lots of airflow, and the City Mini 2’s peek-a-boo window has a cool magnetic closure!

Storage Basket

Both strollers come with the iconic spacious storage baskets we all love. The difference is, the City Mini 2 can be accessed easily from the front or back of the stroller, while the City Mini GT2 can be accessed most easily from the side of the stroller.

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City Mini GT2
City Mini 2


Both strollers have sturdy, strong handlebars, which is awesome! The City Mini GT2’s handlebar is adjustable and can be angled into three different positions. The City Mini 2 has a regular handlebar, without cool adjustment options, although it does have other unique features, like that handbrake we mentioned!

City Mini 2 (left) / City Mini GT2 (right)

Adjustable Recline & Footrest

Both of these strollers have a near-flat actuated recline that works by pulling the piece in the back for more recline, and pushing it back toward the stroller for less recline. They also both have an adjustable footrest that you can lift to keep your little one as comfortable as can be!

Head Height

The City Mini GT2 provides 26” of headroom height, which is a huge plus, because that makes it excellent for older toddlers!

City Mini GT2
City Mini 2


One of the biggest differences in these two strollers is the wheels. The City Mini GT2 stroller has a single front wheel that makes this stroller awesome for trips through rough, uneven terrain. Forever-Air rubber tires plus all wheel suspension keep the ride as smooth as possible! The City Mini 2 features EVA wheels, which are more lightweight. The front wheel can be changed from fixed to swivel wheel.

Age Range

The City Mini 2 has a weight capacity of up to 50 pounds, while the City Mini GT2 has a weight capacity of 65 pounds! We love that the City Mini GT2 is totally newborn friendly – all you need to do is add an insert for head support! The City Mini 2 can be used starting from when baby is 6 months old. Of course, if you attach the City Go car seat to the stroller, you can use this stroller starting from day one!

Now let’s look at some of the things these strollers have in common!


Both these strollers have the same super easy, iconic fold! The fold is so easy it can be done with one hand.


Both the City Mini GT2 & the City Mini 2 feature the same 5-point harness system that will keep your baby safe and secure!

Fabric + Design

Both these strollers have even softer fabrics than the previous versions! They also both have a modern, updated design. 

Double Option

If you loved having one of these City Mini strollers in single, and are now in need of a double (congrats to you 😊 ),  we have great news for you – these both come in double strollers!


City Mini2City Mini GT2
Stroller Weight20 lbs22.40 lbs
Age Range / Weight Capacity6 months to 50 lbsNewborn (with insert) to 65 lbs
Dimensions40.70”L x 26.00”W x 40.70”H41.30”L x 25.60”W x 43.10”H
Folded Dimensions30.10”L x 26.00”W x 10.40”H30.70”L x 25.60”W x 10.40”H
Suspensionxall-wheel suspension
ReclineNear Flat Reclining PositionNear-Flat Reclining Position
Car Seat Compatible √ √
Basket SizeExtra LargeExtra Large
Adjustable Leg Rest √ √
CanopyUV50 canopy with peek a boo windowUV50 canopy with peek-a-boo window
Ease-of-FoldLift a strap with one hand foldLift a strap with one hand fold
Adjustable handlebarNoYes
Reversible seatNoNo
Price starting at$259.99$369.99

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