TruBliss Evi Smart Bassinet – Full Review!

The TruBliss Evi Smart Bassinet is a beautiful, modern bassinet that can be connected with either Alexa or Google Home, or through the SmartLife app. It’s super cool, and mega convenient!

Check out the modern and chic minimalist design, with the wood base featuring a walnut finish, and the sleek white sleeping area.

The TruBliss Evi Bassinet will add style to any room in your home!

TruBliss Evi’s Auto-Glide feature will gently rock your baby from side to side. You can adjust the speed to make your baby most comfortable.

This bassinet comes with 2 night light options and 4 music choices to soothe your baby!

Choose between classical music, guitar medleys, womb or nature sounds.

You can set the lights so that they radiate a steady ambient glow, or you can set cool running lights.

TruBliss Evi comes with 2 soft bamboo sheets, and a padded mattress pad (vinyl). We love bamboo sheets because they’re so soft and silky and will keep your baby so comfortable, and they’re also hypoallergenic. They’re great for a baby’s sensitive skin!

The removable storage basket at the bottom of the bassinet looks really cool, and can be quite useful too! It’s the perfect space to keep all your baby’s  paraphernalia!

With the TruBliss Evi Bassinet, your baby can enjoy a truly blissful sleep!


Q: Up to what age can this TruBliss Bassinet be used?

The TruBliss Bassinet can be used from day one, either until your baby is 5 months old, or until he starts to push up on his hands or knees – whichever happens first.

Q: How much weight can the bassinet hold?

The bassinet can hold 26.87 pounds.

Q: Is the TruBliss a good option for a narrow bassinet?

The TruBliss is definitely narrow, perfect for city families – it measures 35.43″L x 21.65″W x 31.89″H.



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