Maxi Cosi Booster Car Seats: Maxi Cosi RodiSport Vs. Maxi Cosi RodiFix

Hey moms! Are you looking for a Maxi Cosi booster car seat for your baby? We’re going to be comparing the RodiSport and the RodiFix car seats today so that you can see which one best suits your personal needs!

RodiSport Booster Car Seat

The RodiSport booster car seat can be adjusted between 7 positions for optimal head support!

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We like that the back of this seat can be removed when your child’s a little older, so that this can be a backless booster seat.

The padding on this car seat is removable for cleaning purposes, and it’s actually machine washable so that it can be cleaned really easily, and really well!

There’s a removable cup holder attached to the car seat that is dishwasher safe.

This seat features a recline, so that it can fit properly on the seat of your car, and keep your child super comfortable!

RodiFix Booster Car Seat

The RodiFix Booster car seat doesn’t have a removable back, but it does have other great features! The padding on this seat is removable and washable, for easy cleaning. The cushioning on this booster car seat is super soft and comfortable, with plush padding!

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This booster car seat has a narrow profile so that it can fit well in your car. Actually, this brilliantly designed car booster seat can be super slim but yet is spacious, because the side wings can be adjusted as you need! This booster car seat is designed with a  locking shoulder belt guide so that it’s easy for kids to strap themselves in on their own!

If you need to fit three car seats in the back of your car, this is a great choice! And the side wings can expand to fit your baby better.

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With 12 height positions, this is a super practical and convenient option!

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The RodiFix booster car seat is made from the indulgently soft PureCosi fabric – there’s no wool or added fire retardant treatment. In addition, this fabric is machine washable and dryer-safe, so it’s really easy to clean!

This car seat booster features Air Protect; side impact protection surrounding your child’s head, for the highest level of safety.

Both the RodiSport and RodiFix feature a secure LATCH system for an easy and seamless install.

These are both great options for booster car seats – the key difference between the two is that the back of the Rodisport can be removed, for a backless booster, while the back of the RodiFix cannot.

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Here are some common questions about these Maxi Cosi booster car seats!

Is the fabric on these Maxi Cosi car seats washable?

Yes; they’re removable, they’re washable, and they can also be put in the dryer.

Up to what age can a Maxi Cosi Rodifix be used for?

This car seat is for children under 12, or up to 120 pounds or 57 inches.

What’s the maximum weight for the Maxi Cosi RodiSport?

The max weight capacity for this car seat is 100 pounds.


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