Uppababy Mesa – An In Depth Review

UPDATE: The UPPAbaby Mesa has been completely upgraded in 2015 – You can read the full review of the most updated model here

The all new Uppababy Mesa car seat is on its way and were super excited about it!!

The Uppababy Mesa is amazing!

Uppababy is obsessed with making smart products for parents and the Mesa car seat does just that.   If I had to describe the all new Mesa car seat in one word it would be …EASY

Uppababy has managed to make a complex infant car seat super simple and easy!!

Lets talk about safety.  The Mesa is the only infant car seat on the market that uses SMARTSECURE technology.

The self retracting mini LATCH connectors and tightness indicators for quick accurate and super easy installation.

The harness on the Mesa car seat is super easy.  The auto adjust harness straps ensure baby is always in the correct position as he or she grows.The harness position is optimized fo preemies from 4 lbs.  Not just for their weight but it’s also optimized for their size.

Some more great features:

No rethread  5 point harness with front adjustment access.

Adjustable headrest with SIP (side impact protection)

Built-in lock-off for secure vehicle belt installation

Hideaway SPF 50+ canopy.  The canopy of the Mesa is absolutely gorgeous!  Its really sleek, smooth and easy.  When open it fully ‘hides’.

Easy 1 push stroller release on carry handle makes stroller to car transfer smooth and easy

And now my favorite feature of all….The Mesa is compatible with the Vista and the Cruz without the purchase of any adapters!

The base of the Mesa car seat is super sleek and thin with a finished bottom so it will not scratch your car and no need for a car seat mat.  Also fit really nicely in cars with bucket seats.

Accommodates infants from 4-35 lbs and up to 32″.

Uppababy Mesa Weight – 10.5 lbs.

The Uppababy mesa will be available in 4 awesome colors Tangerine Drew, Black Jake, Wheat Lindsey & Teal Sebby.

Retail price of the Mesa will be $279.   Will be availble 2013.







  1. Will the uppababy mesa car seat work with other stroller travel systems?

  2. Great question! As of what we know now the mesa will work with the uppababy cruz and the uppababy vista stroller. If we do find out more info on other strollers that the Mesa will work with we will post!

  3. woopeee! will pishposhbaby be carrying the car seat?

  4. will they coordinate the colors of the uppababy mesa to the uppababy vista?

  5. hi sara! you bet we will:)

  6. Hey Marianne! The Uppababy Mesa will come in Tangerine Drew, Black Jake, Wheat Lindsey & Teal Sebby. I am guessing that once it takes off, they’ll expand the color choices.

  7. Did Uppababy make any changes to the rumble seat?

  8. How soon will you have ur by?
    Does it have a warranty ?

  9. Everything else I read says the car seat is coming March at the earliest. Will yours really be in January???????????

  10. Hi Lore, Uppababy did not make any new changes to their rumbleseat as of yet.

  11. Hi Ana and Rebecca, We are unsure exactly when the seat will be coming in, as many times there are production delays on new products.

  12. Hey,

    Just wondering, will the Mesa be compatible with just the 2013 vista stroller, or will it connect to previous versions, wothout adaptors, as well?

  13. Hi – just wondering if the new Mesa is compatible with older versions of the Vista (the 2010 specifically)? I’m not sure if anything about the frame has changed in recent years, but hoping that you don’t need a brand new vista to go with the mesa!

  14. Hi Amber and Maggie,
    The New Uppababy Mesa will work on older Vista models with the free adapter that comes along with the car seat. You won’t need any adapters at all when attaching it to the 2013 seat.

  15. Hi there! I was just wondering if the Mesa will fit in the front of a grocery cart, like most others I know do, excpet for Chicco. Thanks!

  16. Hi Katherine,
    That is an excellent question. Because the Mesa has not come out yet, no one has tried such a position before. We will let you know as soon as we have it.

  17. Hi. Will the Mesa be suitable for toddlers? The weight specifications would indicate yes, but it doesn’t seem that the seat converts. Thanks!

  18. I know the vista bassinet and rumble seat are not compatible together but any word on whether the mesa and rumble seat will be compatible?

  19. Hi Amber. The Vista can hold a car seat and a rumbleseat at the same time, so we’re assuming that it will accommodate the Mesa and Rumbleseat together as well.

  20. Hi, is there an attachment in the works for Mesa to connect to bob??

  21. Hi Bethany,
    As of now there isn’t one. I do hope that there will be one in the future.

  22. Good morning, will the mesa be compatible with Australian cars? I’m not sure I understand the ‘latch’ system

  23. Will a 2013 mesa carseat be compatible with the 2015 cruz?

  24. It is.

  25. Is the Mesa compatible with the Bugaboo cameleon?

  26. As of yet, it is not

  27. Is there an adaptor for the bob stroller?

  28. There isn’t:(

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