g4pillowBritax is revamping their 5 popular convertible car seats for 2014!

What’s changing for the Britax Seats?

Well, according to new NHTSA Regulations, there is a 65 lb limit for using their LATCH system. After that, it is recommended that you use the car seat belt.

The SafeCell HUGS system has been redesigned. They’ve improved the installation and fitting instructions and have color coded different parts of the seats to make it easier to install properly. There is a new infant positioning pillow which goes under your infant, replacing the G3 infant body pillow. This infant pillow is required for childen weighing less than 22 lbs. There is also 2 inches of more harness. They’ve refreshed some of the fabrics as well.

The Britax Roundabout G4 will be shipping mid November, while the Britax Boulevard G4Britax Pavilion G4Britax Advocate G4  & Britax Marathon G4 will be shipping mid December.