MAJOR Stroller Sale Starting at Midnight

Major Stroller BashDaylight savings time may be ending this weekend, but in the wee hours of the night (midnight to be precise), stroller savings will begin! This rarely happens. There are cool promotions on fantastic strollers and some accessories too! The best way to get the details is to call our mom reps at 877-747-4767 or click here!




  1. Which brands will be included in the bash?

  2. Megan, ALL brands are included in the sale. It’s major.

  3. Is this on the UPPAbaby products?

  4. Stacy, it sure is!

  5. I think this is a great stroller as a single and as a double, but I like it best for two kids close in age, but not twins. The big advantage is that it can be used as a single to take the baby out or even to take the older kid out on their own without having to push around an empty seat. Yet still it is so simple to snap on the second seat whenever it is needed and use it as a double stroller.
    I also find the City Select very easy to push and navigate with even with the second seat attached.
    If I were expecting my second and my first could still use a stroller seat often or even just occasionally this is the stroller I would go with.

  6. Bottom line…. You can never have enough strollers!!! Who agrees?!?!??

  7. I have twins and have the City Mini double stroller. From other people I know with twins they have actually been really happy with the City Select and although I was so happy with my choice I feel like the City Select might have been a better option and maybe would have been easier to navigate through stores.

  8. Adina…. I agree you need one for the car one for the house one for walking all sorts… the more the merrier!!!

  9. I happen to love my Citi Mini for getting in and out of the car. It’s one-handed fold mechanism is so easy to use. Not only that, but the company stands behind its products 100%. I had problem with the handle bar, and they sent me a brand new one.

  10. I have problems with my handle bar too. I have heard that Citi Mini has excellent customer service on their products. Overall have been very happy with the carriage and I have to agree that even with the double carriage although it is obviously heavier than a single it folds very easily and is light enough that I am able to get into into my trunk easily.

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