Compare the Uppababy Vista 2014 vs 2015

Now that we know all about the 2015/2016 Vista updates, let’s compare it to the 2014 version so that you can decide which stroller would make more sense for you.

Compare the Uppababy Vista 2014 vs 2015

uppababy-vista-2015-jake-13 (1)
Uppababy Vista 2014 Uppababy Vista 2015
Open Dimensions 25”W x 39”L x 40-42.5″H 26.5”W x 37”L x 39.5-42.5”H
Closed Dimensions 25”W x 15”L x 32”H 26.5”W x 14”L x 33”H
Frame + Seat weight 25.5 lbs 27.5 lbs
Wheel size 8/11″ 8/11.5″
Wheel type No puncture, foam core rubber wheels New never flat wheels with AirGo technology
Bumper Bar Two Piece One Piece
Frame Aluminum Aluminum + Magnesium
Car Seat Compatible 1 2
Bassinet Compatible 1 2
Bassinet Fabrics Elastic Zip Out Liner & Boot Cover
Price $729.99 $819.99-859.99

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  1. what are the seat dimensions on the vista 2015?

  2. The seat of the Vista 2015 measures 10″ D x 19-21″ H

  3. Are the 2015 and 2014 accessories compatible?

  4. Hi Marissa, Some 2014 accessories are compatible and some aren’t. Our site mentions by each accessory which models it is compatible with.

  5. trying to decide between a 2014 and a 2015. i got an offer for a lightly used 2014 vista for 470 and a new 2015 for 680. i am due in july with my first, which would you recommend i take? help:)

  6. Hi Erica, I myself own the 2014 version but I’m not biased at all. I would recommend going for the 2015 version for many reasons. The frame is much sleeker on the new version. Uppababy will be discontinuing their 2014 accessories so you may get stuck down the line if you go for the 2014 version. And ff you do plan on having another child in the next three years or so, the 2015 is a much better double. Best of luck!

  7. hi Ellena , I have a question I hope you can help me I would like to know how much of tax do they charge ?
    so I know what the total would be . help please (:

  8. Hi Valerie – Pishposhbaby does not charge sales tax no matter where you live. Give us a call at 877.747.4767 during business hours and our baby gear expert can get a great price for you.

  9. how can i tell if my vista is 2015?i bought what looks like a 2015 but is there a way of knowing by tje serial numner?

  10. There is quite a big difference between the two strollers in many different areas, but the simplest way to tell which version you have is to look on the bassinet. If the bassinet cover stretches over the bassinet and velcros on, then it’s a 2014 model. If the bassinet cover zips on then it’s a 2015 model. If you are unsure, then you can give Uppababy a call and they will check the serial number for you.

  11. is the 2014 Mesa compatible with the 2015 Vista?

  12. Yes it is.

  13. Is the 2015 vista stroller seat and bassinet compatible with the older vista stroller base? I have purchased a vista 2015 denny but the brake is broken could I use the seat and the bassinet to an older stroller base? Which year should I buy for a stroller base if not 2015.

  14. The 2015 seat is not compatible with the 2014 base – however your stroller is covered under warranty and Uppababy is amazing about sending replacements out immediately. Give them a call and you should have a new base within a few days (speaking from experience here – my brake broke too, and the very next day I received a new on!)

  15. I didn’t have however a warranty for it since i just bought it from a person. I believe that in order for you to be covered under warranty you need to have a receipt. Would they consider it even if I did not buy it from the store? Also, is a 2014 Uppababy Mesa Car seat compatible with older model or is it compatible with 2015 stroller?

  16. Hi Jo, The stroller should be covered under warranty regardless – perhaps the person who sold it to you can give you all the information you need. I suggest calling Uppababy and confirming this, however you should be covered. All Mesa car seats fit onto all Vista strollers – the car seat includes the neccessary adapters.

  17. Hi Ellena, I’m trying to find a bassinet mattress cover for my 2014 vista but all I see are 2015 versions. Are they the exact same size?

  18. Do the front and rear wheels from a 2014 vista fit on a 2015 frame?

  19. Considering upgrading my old 2011 vista for a 2015 to better accommodate baby number 2, and bc my 2011 is very worn. Is the toddler seat on the 2015 smaller than on the older models? My 2011 has a fixed canopy and by my own measurements, seat height is 21.5 whereas I read the new vista is 21 with canopy fully adjusted. Also wondering about comparisons on seat width. Thank you!

  20. According to Uppababy the seat size is the same, but the new seat has angled pieces in the rear corners to make it more ergonomic and comfortable.

  21. The back wheels will fit but the front wheels will not.

  22. Hi Ellena, in March 2015 bought the UPPAbaby 2014 because the new model was not available and needed for March, as my daughter Sofia was born on March 16, 2015. Now i´m pregnant again and i hope to have a little brother for Sofía to the end of May 2016. Is any way to attach adapters from UPPAbaby 2015 in 2014? I’d be sad to have to buy another one just for the adapters.
    Regards from Spain

  23. Hi Ali – really excited for you on the upcoming birth of your new baby. There is no way to use the new 2015 seats or adapters on any older model Vista.

  24. Hi – I have a 2012 Vista and the canopy frame is broken and the fabric torn. Can I buy the new 2015 Canopy frame and fabric to fit onto my 2012? I also need a new handlebar since the foam on my is also torn. Will the 2015 handlebars fit? Thanks!

  25. Hi JL – The best thing to do in this case is to give Uppababy a call directly and they will be able to help you out with the correct answers and only they can sell you the parts directly. Let me know if you have an issues contacting them and I’ll help you out. (781) 413-3030

  26. Is the 2015 vista compatible with the britax b-safe carseat?

  27. Not yet…

  28. Hmmm..I have a b-safe already… Do you think uppababy will create an adapter in the near future? (Before March!)

  29. Sorry… One more question… Is the b-safe compatible with the uppababy cruz?

  30. As of yet, there is no Britax adapter for the Cruz… we do not know of any plans to make them.

  31. HI Ellena, can the 2014 (and earlier years) Vista bassinets be used on the 2015 Vista stroller? And can the 2014 (or earlier) Maxi Cosi car seats be used on the 2015 Vista stroller? Thanks

  32. Hi Vanessa – the adapters on the actual Vista stroller have changed from 2014 to 2015. That means that no Uppababy accessories that worked on the 2014 can work on the 2015 model or vice versa. However, all Maxi Cosi seats can fit the new Vista – just make sure to purchase the correct adapters.

  33. reading all the questions I am appalled that Uppababy customers do not appear to be getting any replacement items or any adaptions offered to them for when the second babies comes along. Your pushchairs are expensive so if Uppababy upgrade a model one expects to have some support otherwise you will find that their customers will go elsewhere to purchase another make to accommodate the growing family. We purchased an Uppababy Vista pram system in August 2014 so now number two baby is coming we want to know if we can have the attachments so we can use our carrycot and toddler seat at the same time on our chassis? If not what do you advise we do

  34. Hi! I am not understanding what is so “appalling” about a company upgrading their model stroller to be a better double stroller for a new year? They are still selling the second seat attachment for the older model Vista’s (I own an older model as well) and are not leaving any customers abandoned. When you purchased the 2014 model, you were well aware what kind of options it has as a double (if you checked that out before you purchased), and you know that there is no option of using a carrycot+toddler seat. I recommend using a car seat + toddler seat while your new baby is still an infant. Once he/she grows up, you can use two toddler seats.

  35. Hi. I have a vista 2014 and about to buy a 2015 bassinet, are they compatible?

  36. Hi Marina – they are NOT compatible. Reach out directly to Uppababy to inquire about purchasing the discontinued 2014 model. Best of luck,

  37. Hi, is the cruz 2014 toddler seat and carrycot compatible with the vista 2015 frame? Thanks

  38. i own a 2014 uppa mesa car seat and just purchased a 2015 uppa mesa car seat. I am looking to purchase the 2015 uppa vista double stroller but I want to make sure the 2014 is compatible with the 2015 stroller? Please advise.

  39. Hi Tannie – I’m a bit confused about your question, but if you are asking if the 2014 Mesa can fit onto the 2015 Vista, the answer is yes!

  40. I have a 2014 Mesa car seat and I’m thinking of replacing my 2014 Vista with the new 2015/2016 model Vista stroller. Will I need a new adapter?

  41. I just purchased a 2012 Cruz from another Mom. Considering a Chicco Keyfit, Cybex Q Cloud or a Messa as a car seat. What year adapter should I search for to allow the car seat to “click” into the 2012 Cruz frame? I know the 2015 model adapters will not fit, should I be searching for 2014 compatible adapters? Thank you in advance!

  42. You will not. The Mesa will click onto your new 2015/2016 frame directly.

  43. It won’t.

  44. Hi Kristen, I highly recommend reaching out to Uppababy directly who can help you find the proper adapter as we do not sell the older model adapters anymore. Best of luck!

  45. I have an Uppa baby 2014 , does the seat and the rumble seat, the bassinet and the buggy board from the 2014 model fit onto the 2015 frame? as I’m wondering if I can buy just the new frame and fit the 2014 accessories onto it?

  46. Hi Emily – none of those accessories will fit onto the new 2015 Vista.

  47. I’m looking to purchase the Vista second hand. There is a great price difference between older and newer models, so I’m wondering if there is a major difference between the 2011 model and the 2014 model?
    Thank you!

  48. The biggest change in the Vista model was from 2014 to 2015. Before then, changes were more minor. However, if the stroller you are purchasing was used heavily, realize that it takes a big toll on the quality and durability of the stroller.

  49. Hi Ellena, I just bought a uppababy mesa 2015. Does it compatible with 2014 uppababy vista? Does it require any adapter?

  50. The 2015 Mesa is compatible with the 2014 Vista. You may need an additional adapter that is provided free from Uppababy. Give them a call and they will be able to help you out – (844) 823-3132

  51. Can I put the seat and canopy fabrics from my 2012 Vista on to the new 2015 seat and canopy frames?

  52. The older VISTA seat and canopy fabrics are not compatible with 2015 VISTA seat and canopy frames.

  53. Hi there!
    Wondering if the vista 2015 toddler seat fabrics or canopy can be used on the rumble seat frame. I like to change up my canopy colors on my main seat, but wondering if I can do this with the rumble seat as well without buying full seat.

  54. Hello, does the 2014 Vista Bassinet fit the 2015 Vista Stroller?

  55. Hi Farrah – it won’t fit.

  56. Hello, so the older bassinets wont fit new Vista or Cruz frames?


  57. That is correct. The older Vista bassinet will work with only the older Vista strollers.

  58. Hello, we’ve got a 2014 vista and have a toddler with a new baby on the way. Can you fit a bassinet and a toddler seat on together?

  59. I was also wondering if you can fit a maxi-cosi car seat on for the infant along with the toddler. thanks

  60. The bassinet can fit in the main position with the rear-facing rumbleseat in the lower position.

  61. Hi we have the 2014 basinet and needed to replace the bassinet stand which we bought the latest model just recently. It doesn’t look like the connectors are compatible. Do you know if Uppa has adaptors that we can purchase?

  62. Hi Caleb – You would need to reach out to Uppababy to find out if they have such a thing available. They are really helpful. Their number is (844) 823-3132

  63. Hi, I have a Vista (2012-2014) in Jake black and was hoping to purchase a new seat and canopy fabric for baby number 2. I love the Ella jade colour but don’t know which year it was out – do you know if it will fit my vista or is my model too old?

  64. Hi, I have the uppababy vista 2012-2014 model in Jake Black. I wanted to buy new fabric for baby number 2 and love the Ella green. Will it fit my model? I wasn’t sure if the Ella fabric was too new for my model and that it wouldn’t properly fit. Please can you let me know? I have already found a website which sell the Ella green fabric swap set… Thanks

  65. Hi Isabelle, you’d have to call Uppababy directly with that question. They will be able to help you with the compatibility.

  66. Hi Helen, you’d have to call Uppababy directly with that question. They will be able to help you with the compatibility.

  67. Will my 2014 vista hold a 2015-2017 mesa car seat?

  68. It will – reach out to Uppababy for the necessary adapters

  69. Isabelle: ella green. Came out in 2013. So if it’s from.a 2013 or 2014 will fit

  70. You’ll have to reach out to Uppababy with that question…

  71. Hi there, we have the 2015 vista and expected twins in June. A friend is willing to give us a second bassenet and wondering could it be used on the 2015 version with the 2015 adabtors? Thanks

  72. Hi Bernie – as long as the bassinet is from 2015+ , then it most definitely will fit onto your 2015+ Vista.

  73. Hi there,

    I have a 2012 vista stroller and need to buy a new mesa car seat. Will this be compatible?

  74. It will be compatible, but you’ll need to call Uppababy for the adapters.

  75. I have the 2014 vista and will be having baby number 2 very soon. what adapters do I need to accomodate my car seat(the mesa) and the rumble seat at the same time. I’m very confused about it withe the new models out.

  76. You only need the Mesa adapters – you can get those for free from Uppababy.

  77. I have a 2014 vista stroller and a new peg perego 4-35 car seat. Am I able to connect the car seat to the stroller? If so, what adapters do I need? Thanks!

  78. I am thinking about buying a used 2013 Vista from another Mom. I realize all the accessories that are available now are for 2015+ models. Would I be able to contact Uppababy to get accessories to fit the older model (i.e. car seat adaptors, etc)?

  79. I asked Uppababy if 2014 Vista is compatible with any i-size car seats, the maxi-cosi pebble plus in particular, since maxi-cosi pebble (the non-isize version) is compatible. They said no, “there is not an i-size seat that is compatible with the earlier model of vista 2014 but the maxi cosi pebble plus is an i-size seat which is compatible with the 2015 vista.”

    I found it odd that maxi-cosi would change the car seat socket from pebble to pebble-plus, so I decided to check for myself. When I checked out for myself, the maxi-cosi pebble plus (i-size) does fit Vista 2014 using the actual maxi-cosi adapters that come with the 2014 Vista! When I told Uppababy about this, they responded “Unfortunately as we have not tested the Maxi-cosi pebble plus on the 2014 vista chassis we cannot recommend it for use. It would be at your discretion if you wanted to use it on the 2014 chassis.”

    I am not sure if Uppababy misinforms people so that they buy the 2015 Vista, or this was just a case of the particular customer service staff not researching this properly.

  80. Hi Ray – it may be difficult for you to get your hands on the older accessories. I know that the rumbleseat and piggyback from the older models are still available, but you will need to call Uppababy to check with them about adapters. Best of luck.

  81. Hi Nathan – you must have spent so much time on trying to figure out a proper travel system. Because you are referring to European car seats, I literally don’t know anything at all about the compatibility with those seats and the Uppababy Vista strollers. You will have to contact a retailer in your country to try to figure out what combination will work. Best of luck!

  82. Hi Kristy, Adapters for the 2014 Vista are no longer available by us. I would advise you to contact Uppababy directly to see if you can an adapter through them.

  83. Hiya, we’ve got a 2014 vista and have a toddler with a new baby on the way. Can you fit a bassinet and a toddler seat on together?

    I am confused by your comments because in one post you said that the bassinet and toddler seat doesn’t work and in another you said it was. Can you clarify this please?

    When I was purchasing it I was told by the shop that it could be used as a double with a newborn and a toddler and I have been told by another source that it’s not possible so I am very confused.

    Thank you.

  84. Hi Michelle, Your 2014 Vista can hold a bassinet in the upper position and a 2014 rumbleseat in the lower position.

  85. Can I use the toddler seat with the classic Rumble seat for the UppaBaby Vista 2014?

  86. Hi Michelle, if you own the 2014 Vista, you can only purchase the 2014 rumbleseat.

  87. Can you use the bassinet of the 2014 uppababy vista with the 2015 model?

  88. Hi There, unfortunately older model Uppababy Bassinets won’t work with 2015+ models.

  89. Hi! I just bought a slightly used uppababy vista 2014 and I’m confused about the graco car seat options. I have the graco car seat adapter–the uppababy website isn’t so clear about what graco car seats are compatible. Is it that none of the click-connect models are compatible, or just the 32 and 35 models? Also, I tried to do a google search and nobody sells classic graco snugride car seats–anywhere I can find one?

  90. The older adapters are not available anymore:(

  91. Hi Ellena. I have been given a very worn uppababy vista 2014, and wanted to buy a second pram system and have found a discounted 2015 – will they be compatible? Thank you!

  92. No – no accessories or parts from 2014 are compatible with the 2015 stroller.

  93. Hi Ellena I was just wondering if the older uppa baby canopy is compatible with the 2015 canopy.

  94. You would have to ask UPPAbaby this question. I don’t know…

  95. Hi can the 2012 vista bassinet fit on the cruz 2014

  96. It cannot.

  97. Hello! We were offered a 2014 Vista by friends. Just wondering what car seats we would be able to use? They have the original car seat adaptor with it, just not sure if any new seats will work with it? Thanks!

  98. You would need to check the original car seat adapter that you have to see what model car seat it is designed for – each brand has its own. Or you can go with the UPPAbaby Mesa.

  99. Hi there,
    I just purchased a used 2014 vista. I have twin 6 month olds and want to use this as a second stroller that I keep in my car (I got a killer deal! I’m Wondering if I can use two toddler seats or a toddler and rumble seat? I need to buy the second seat and I’m unsure if I should get a second toddler seat or a rumble. Thanks!

  100. For the 2014 Vista, you can only purchase the 2014 Rumbleseat which is only rear-facing.

  101. Thank you!

  102. Hi, just wondering if you can help…..
    Will a Maxi Cosi Pebble Plus be compatible with a 2013 Vista?

  103. It should. You need a Maxi Cosi adapter.

  104. Hi there.

    Do you know if any of the Cruz 2014 accessories (toddler seat, bassinet, buggy board) fit into the Vista frame (and of what year)?


  105. Only the bassinet will fit onto the Vista from 2015+

  106. What are the dimension/weight differences between a 2013 bassinet stand and the current model? I spoke with uppababy and they aid they sell adapters for the old stand to work with the 2018 bassinet. This is true? And what are the differences between the stands?

  107. hi I have a question , is the 2012 vista piggyback compatible with the 2014 vista model stroller ?

  108. Yes – the 2014 piggyback fits all Vista models from 2012-2014

  109. i Jay – unfortunately we don’t have the answers that you need:( I do recommend that you reach out to UPPAbaby directly to find out the details on the bassinets.

  110. Hi, in a previous comment you mentioned that the rear wheels of the 2014 Vista model would fit on the newer model Vista and vice versa. Can you confirm that please? The wheel size difference says 8/11″ and 8/11.5″ on the comparison table. I need new wheels for my 2010 vista and I found a new set from a 2015 model. Thanks

  111. Hi Angelica – I recommend that you reach out to UPPAbaby directly to find out if this is going to work for you.

  112. Hello.i have a uppababy vista 2014. Would wheels (front and back) be compatible from later models? Thanks

  113. We don’t believe so, but check this with UPPAbaby.

  114. Wondering if you tried the 2015 and later canopy on the 2014 model… how did it work??

  115. Hi,
    Will the 2012 toddler seat and bassinet fit into the 2015 base?

  116. I need to know if the 2014 bassinet will fit on the 2015+ stand?

  117. The 2014 bassinet won’t fit onto the UPPAbaby Bassinet Stand.

  118. No, it won’t.

  119. Hello, do you know if a 2015 seat and hood fabric will fit on 2014 UPPAbaby VISTA?

  120. Likely not but check with UPPAbaby

  121. Hi
    Do you know if the newer canopy/hood of uppababy Cruz would fit an older Cruz model (pre 2015)

  122. Hi Claire – You would need to check with UPPAbaby on that.

  123. Hi is the hand bar for uppababy 2014 same as uppababy 2015 as I need to change and I can’t find 2014 spare hand bar part? Is there any place I can still order?

  124. Hi Elenka – only UPPAbaby has parts

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