b-warm-black-in-vehicle-1-72rgbAs car seat safety awareness grows, more and more parents have learned that buckling your child into a car seat while they are wearing a puffy coat is dangerous and unsafe. No – your child won’t have to freeze in the winter temparatures – there are many solutions available.

Britax has introduced their very own car seat cover, called the Britax B-Warm, that is both warm and functional and you are going to love it.

The B-Warm fits all infant seats and wraps around the car seat with a strong elastic so that it stays put. The two flip-up sides & a zippered snap closure to help regulate baby’s temperature and reduce exposure to weather elements.

b-warm-black-lifestyle-3-72rgbThe soft, plush interior keeps your baby cozy, while the all-weather exterior repels moisture away, giving you peace of mind to travel.

Available in two great colors, black and grey, and retails for just $40.