Introducing the ALL-NEW Baby Jogger City Select LUX 2017 Stroller!

lux1Contrary to what we thought, the Baby Jogger City Select will be getting quite an upgrade for 2017! The new Baby Jogger City Select LUX 2017 stroller boasts some great features that we’d love to share with you.

What’s new for the 2017 City Select Stroller?

First of all, let’s discuss the fabrics! The fabrics are now a beautiful texture available in slate, port, taupe, and graphite. All are beautiful, neutral colors.

The fold of the new City Select LUX is now 30% smaller than the fold of the regular City Select stroller. This makes traveling and storing much easier.

The brake is now located closer to your fingertips and has two settings – decelerating and parking.

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2008304_6Added suspension to all four wheels makes quite a much smoother ride and push.

There are now 20 different configurations (in case you thought that 16 wasn’t enough:) ) with the added new accessories of a jump seat (89.99) and shopping tote (49.99) for even more storage. The Jump Seat won’t be compatible with early models of the City Select, however the new shopping tote will be!

Compare the new City Select LUX with the City Select 2017

2008304_7 2008304_8 Baby-Jogger-City-Select-LUX-Double-Stroller



We’re loving the new City Select Lux 2017 – the stroller is in stock and will retail for $629.99 (subject to change). The second retails for $199.99.


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  1. So with the new select, is it compatible with the old ride on board, or does it need one made specifically for it? Also are the seat heights the same, or different?

  2. The new City Select LUX is compatible with the older glider board as well. The seat heights seem the same to us, but until the City Select LUX actually ships, we won’t know this for sure.

  3. Thank you! I just have 1 more question.
    We see a red City Lux in your YouTube video and maybe even a blue one. Are these colors going to be available to us? Or are the red and blue only available to the UK?

  4. The City Select LUX will actually be available in red – that is the Port color in the image.

  5. Really? So wait what color is the blue one?

  6. Do you guys have an idea of what the retail price of this stroller would be? And not sure if u mentioned if we could fold it with both seats? This stroller looks amazing!

  7. Will the old models still be available? Or will they be discontinued? If so will the price go down to make way for the new model? Also curious on if there will be a teal color thanks

  8. Hi Brandon – so far all we know is that they will keep the current model of the City Select stroller even when they launch the City Select LUX. The 2015 models of the City Select will go on sale again, but we do not know about the 2016 version. As of yet, there are no plans of a teal color for the City Select LUX

  9. any idea on release date? im due with #2 in december and i have been waiting to see if there was going to be updates to this stroller this year!

  10. There is no blue color as of yet for the City Select LUX. The colors are a black, a red, a taupe, and a grey.

  11. Any idea of release date? Price?

  12. ETA is May right now (subject to change) and the price point we’re looking at is $629.99 for the single.

  13. May isn’t too far away…I was told the new model would sell for 729.99 as a double in Spring.
    Will the accessories for the new model work on the older select? Like the Jumpseat? Or the bag thing they have?

  14. The new Jump Seat will only work with the City Select Lux. The new bag will work with all model City Selects.

  15. I’m actually settling for this stroller bc it’s the only one that will fit in my trunk since I have my third row seating up so the fact that it’s folds 30$ smaller is great. But I really wanted the double GT. Any idea if there will be a new 2017 version to that and if will fold smaller as well. I would definitely hold of to buy that one instead

  16. The Double GT was slightly upgraded for 2016 and won’t have any changes moving into 2017. I actually own the GT Double and the fold is pretty compact actually. Have you looked at the dimensions and measured your trunk?

  17. When can we pretend order this item?

  18. Im due Late Feb 2016 and cant decide between the uppababy Vista or the City select. Do you think that i should wait for the new ones to come out? will the uppababy have a huge update as the city select LUX? 30% smaller seems like a huge difference.

  19. Hi Sonia – sign up for updates on it and we’ll let you know when we open preorders

  20. So is port the dark gray color then and slate is the light gray

  21. Hi, do you know how much this will be in Australia?

  22. You will need to check with your Australian retailer.

  23. I am due in January, when exactly is the City Select Lux being released? Should I just return the stroller and get store credit till the Lux is released?

  24. Will the jump seat be for a third rider or will it be instead of one seat?

  25. Hi Chaya – it will be instead of a seat.

  26. ETA for the City Select LUX is May 2017

  27. Hi Ellen, what is the weight of the frame of the stroller and each seat?

  28. hello, will the bassinet from the older model fit the lux?

  29. Do you have any floor models of the 2017 City Select LUX in store yet? If not, do you usually get them before the release date? I would love to be able to see it in person before pre-ordering.

  30. The floor models of the City Select LUX have not been sent out yet. We usually do get it before the release date, but no promises. Check back in closer to the relesae date.

  31. Hi Elena!

    Will this LUX model auto lock when folded, and will it stand on its own folded?

    I’m due in March 2017 and I’m currently deciding between the uppa Vista and the city select. But I personally find the city select harder to use and fold etc…but my husband wants it only because the weight restrictions when using for 2 kids is higher in the city select vs the uppa. Feature and use wise I’d prefer the uppa but I’m wondering whether this new model will have improvements in this area.

    Will it also be lighter in weight vs just smaller in size when folded?


  32. Will the new seats fit on older models of the city select? that way i can just get new seats and still get the smaller fold?

  33. Hi, I am also due late January with twins and Im considering the City Select Lux or Uppababy Vista 2017. Is the length of the City Select Lux and Uppababy Vista 2017 the same as older models when in double seat mode? Curious if its been shortened as I often hear, when both seats are flat and babies are sleeping, it is difficult to get stroller into an elevator. Also, does the suspension on the wheels for the Lux improve the lift onto sidewalks? I often hear that the older models are front heavy and hard to lift onto a sidewalk. Thanks

  34. Hi Wendy, purchasing the newer seat won’t give you the smaller fold. The smaller fold is due to the new frame.

  35. Will you be able to fold the stroller without taking of the second seat unlike the City Select 2015?

  36. did they ever reply to you?? I am due first of February and wondering the same thing… if i should wait till its released or just purchase the current one.

  37. Will you be able to ship it to new zealand?

  38. Unfortunately we are not allowed to ship to locations outside of the USA. Check with your local Baby Jogger retailer to find out when they will be receiving the new City Select Lux.

  39. The current City Select does in fact fold with both seats on, and the new City Select LUX will do the same.

  40. Hi Kristin – the release date of the City Select LUX is May 2017.

  41. Will the lux be available in the silver frame as well as the black?

  42. Do you know what the price on the jump seat will be yet? Thanks 🙂

  43. Hi Billie – we do not know yet…

  44. As of yet, the LUX editions will be available with only the all-black frame.

  45. Will we be able to preorder this stroller?

  46. Hi Brandon – we will open preorders shortly. Be sure to sign up to be notified.

  47. What infant car seats and adapters work with the new City Select Lux? I am due at the end of Feb and plan to wait on purchasing a stroller until this comes out. But I need to purchase an infant car seat before hand

  48. Will it be compatible with the current snack tray? And will there be a new travel bag/case for the stroller since it folds smaller?

  49. Hi I just wanted to know if lux second seat will fit my 2015 select ?? So I can just purchase the second seat ?

  50. Hi Ellena

    Do you know what car seats will be compatible with the Lux?

  51. How much will the 2015 City Select be when it goes on sale?

  52. Hi Renee, expect the compatible car seats to be the same as those compatible with the current City Select

  53. Release Date for the City Select Lux?

    Can you use the jump seat while having an infant carrier attached? Also, Can you use the jump seat, shopping bag and infant seat / or front seat at the same time?

  54. Will the Cyber Cloud Q car seat be compatible with the new City Select LUX Stroller?

  55. hi! i am so excited to order this! it is my 100% stroller! do you have a date for pre-order? i am due end of May and am nervous that i won’t be able to get it in time 🙁

  56. I haven’t seen any options for pre order yet. When can we expect them?

  57. PreOrders will open closer to the release date. Be sure to sign up to be notified.

  58. PreOrders will open closer to the release date. Be sure to sign up to be notified. Hang in there:)

  59. Hello, I’m still pregnant, but do love this stroller.
    is it possible to use it for newborns?
    does it adapt any bassinets?
    thank you!

  60. The City Lux will take an infant seat as well as a bassinet!

  61. I am wondering the price of the second seat. I am due in March and debating on getting the 2016 or trying to make it work for a few months to hold out for the lux!

  62. So I like the current model that is $529. My question is: will prices of the current one drop soon since this new model is coming out? If so, when do you think it would it drop because my wife is due late April. How much savings have you seen in the past?

  63. Will the new seats be compatible with 2015 model?

  64. Hi Jeremy – both the current City Select model and the new City Select Lux model will be sold at the same time, so there won’t be a discontinued model. Call us for a good price.

  65. Hi Rebecca – I do not believe so.

  66. Give us a call for great pricing.

  67. Hi, will the older versions of the bassinet and second seat will fit with the Lux version? Also, just to be sure, does the Graco snugride click connect 35 car seat fit the City Select with a click-in or strap-in adapter? Many thanks!

  68. Hi, would you be able to tell me if the weight for the new seats will remain unchanged as 45 pounds per seat?

  69. Are all of the current city select accessories going to be adaptable for the new LUX model? (Cup holders, snack trays, glider, etc)

  70. Yes!

  71. Hi Ashley – they are still confirming the prices – we’ll update you as soon as we know more

  72. The release date for the City Select LUX is Spring/Summer this year. You will be able to use a jump seat + infant seat.

    You can use the glider board + infant seat + shopping bag combo.

  73. Hi, Is there a more exact date as to when this new stroller will be available? I’m due at the end of March and debating waiting to buy this stroller as opposed to the 2016 model, but walk everywhere and have a toddler so I can’t wait too long. I thought I’d read that it would be available in April? Thanks!

  74. Hi Maggie, as with all new products, release dates are usually very tentative and change. Right now, Baby Jogger expects the release date to be in May – and I wouldn’t bank on it being earlier than that.

  75. Are all of the current accessories for the city select (bassinet kit and second seat kit and car seat adapters etc..) going to be compatible with the lux?

  76. will the new chicco fit2 carseat be compatable with this LUX?

  77. Hello, Are we able to pre-order this stroller? Is there an ETA when that can happen? Also, will the Nuna Pipa car seat still be compatible?

  78. Hi I am currently due in June and would like to wait for the new LUX. Would the car seat adapters and accessories be the same as the 2016 version as for LUX? I am wondering if I could put those on my registry and purchase the stroller myself when it comes out in May. Thanks!

  79. Hi Ally – until the stroller is released, we will not be able to test compatibility. We will update you as soon as we know more.

  80. Hi Meaghan, the ETA for the City Lux is May. We will begin taking preorders in April. Be sure to sign up to be notified.

  81. Hi Katie – we don’t have much information yet on the Lux and I don’t want to promise you anything. I do not know about compatibility yet. Sign up to be notified with more information when we get it.

  82. We do not know yet:( Sign up to be notified when we get more information

  83. We do not know yet…. Sign up to be notified to get more information as soon as we know more.

  84. We do not know yet…. Sign up to be notified to get more information as soon as we know more.

  85. Until we get more info, we do not know. Sign up to be notified for more information.

  86. Until we get more info, we do not know. Sign up to be notified for more information.

  87. Until we get more info, we do not know. Sign up to be notified for more information.

  88. Until we get more info, we do not know. Sign up to be notified for more information.

  89. Until we get more info, we do not know. Sign up to be notified for more information.

  90. Until we get more info, we do not know. Sign up to be notified when we do have more details.

  91. Is the seat back height and seat to hood height the same or taller?

  92. Until we get more info, we do not know… Sign up to be updated when we get more info.

  93. If we pre order is the release date the same as on the baby jogger actual website? Very interested in pre ordering but want to stroller as soon as possible.

  94. Hi Michelle, Preorders will be open on April 1st, hopefully. I can’t promise that our ship date will be the same as Baby Jogger’s though…

  95. Thanks! Also it’s really hard to tell the colors in the bottom graphic from baby jogger describing the stroller. Is the stroller in the image the slate or taupe? Thanks so much.

  96. Taupe. SLate is light grey

  97. Will this stroller weigh less than the city 2016?

  98. No. It weighs more

  99. Hi Ellena – I see above that you said the stroller will weigh more than the city select 2016. Do you know how much heavier? I know my friend said that the city select is already pretty heavy. Thank you!

  100. Hi Ellena – you said above that it weighs more than the City Select 2016 model. Do you know how much more? A friend of mine who has the select now says it is quite heavy now. Thank you!

  101. The City Select Lux should weight 30lb; weighing just 1-2lb more than the City Select.

  102. The City Select Lux should weight 30lb; weighing just 1-2lb more than the City Select.

  103. Will the Baby Jogger City Go car seat fit on the new City Select Lux with the old adapter?

  104. Hello. Can I preorder if I live in Canada? Will shipping to Canada be available?

  105. Yes!

  106. Hi Jenn, we are not allowed to ship to Canada. You will need to contact your local Baby Jogger retailer to find out when they will be receiving it.

  107. Where can I preorder the City select Lux? And do you know when the shipping date would be ?

  108. Is the lux lighter (overall weight) than the previous model?

  109. Hi Kelsie, The Baby Jogger City Lux is actually a bit heavier than the Baby Jogger City Select. However, it has some great features that really make up for the extra weight!

  110. Hi does the current city select car seat and car seat stroller adapter compatible with the new city select lux stroller?

  111. Hi Yadira, yes, the Baby Jogger City Go Car Seat should fit onto the Baby Jogger City Select LUX with the Baby Jogger City Select/LUX/Premier Car Seat Adapter – Graco/City GO (1967362).

  112. Do you know if the LUX will accommodate occasional jogging and power walking?

  113. Hello is there any adapter for baby trend cars seat.

  114. No

  115. It can’t really accommodate jogging, but it can accommodate power walking.

  116. I pre-ordered the stroller already but i was wondering if there is an estimated shipping date?

  117. It looks like it’s been released from Baby Jogger in early May.

  118. Hello. Will the baby jogger console fit over the break on the lux?

  119. Hi Jenna, Yes, the Baby Jogger Parent Console will work on the City Lux.

  120. Is the fabric machine washable on the City Select Lux?

  121. It likely is not going to be.

  122. Hi, I preordered the lux and want to know if I order a car seat adapter from the city select, if it will fit into it

  123. What adaptor do I need to buy for my chicco keyfit30 car seat? I’ve been reading mixed information on other sites and I’m a little confused. Some say you can use the old adaptor some say you’ll need a new one. If there’s a new one do you know if its available yet and what it is called?

  124. Hi Chaya – some adapters work for both and some don’t. Which car seat do you have?

  125. Are the floor models in the stores yet? I would like to see it in person first.

  126. We will be getting it shortly.

  127. Does the Baby Jogger Single Car Seat Adapter (1972904) Nuna work with the lux? I can’t find any clear information if it does work or if it doesn’t.

  128. Hi Carissa – that adapter you want is item 2013551

  129. I was just informed that the old car seat adapters for the City Select will also work with the lux! So part no 1972904 will work according to my call to Baby Jogger! So confusing with old and new and what works and what doesn’t!

  130. Carissa – I just spoke to our rep from Baby Jogger again. You are misinformed. The correct adapter you need is 2013551. The older adapter will NOT work. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

  131. Hi, will the new seat fit in a city select that is not lux?

  132. good morning,
    is the fabric more durable? Ultimately I am wondering if the black will fade?

  133. Are you able to recline both seats at the same time in the new city select double stroller?

  134. Yes

  135. The fabric is much nicer, but the Black color will likely fade as much as the Onyx if you leave it outside.

  136. We don’t believe so.

  137. Which is a good in-line double stroller where you can recline both seats at the same time for a nap?

  138. Hi there, I am looking to get this stroller and want to know if there is a car seat adapter for the Britax Chaperone. Also, do you need additional adapters for it to fit in the front, where the 2nd seat would go?

  139. Hi there! Just wondering if the the car seat adapters from the city select will be compatible (specifically the maxi cosi) with the city select lux?


  140. What child tray works with this?

  141. The City Lux would fit your criteria. So would the Uppababy Vista Double.

  142. Hi I’ve just gone to the city select website to look at the shopping tote, and they state that it’s not compatible with the previous city select model… I’ve read here and elsewhere that it should be?
    Thanks in advance!

  143. The shopping tote is compatible with the older model City Select.

  144. I’m having trouble finding the correct infant seat adaptors for the nuna pipa to be used for the lux….ideas?

  145. Could you use the jump seat with the glider board attachment? Also, with the jump seat, would I need the adapters for the seat when in the second seat position?

  146. A jump seat includes a standing board as well. If you do not use the standing board, you can theoretically attach a glider board there, but realize that the two children will be very very close to each other. If you want to use the main seat in the second seat position, you will need second seat adapters.

  147. Will the Cyber Cloud Q car seat be compatible with the new City Select LUX Stroller?

  148. It does click in, but it isn’t a perfect fit.

  149. Can you use the Lux second seat kit on older versions of the City Select stroller base?

  150. Yes – be sure to purchase the new City Select Lux second seat adatpers.

  151. Hi is the city select lux second seat compatible with the older model city select? Meaning I have an older model but I need to purchase a new second seat, can I buy a lux seat?

  152. Yes – it will work but you will need to purchase the City Select LUX second seat adapters.

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