NEW 2017 Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat – Full Review!

mesa-henryThe beloved Uppababy Mesa 2017 car seat is an infant seat you will most definitely fall in love with this year. Aside from its amazing features that haven’t changed, there are some slight upgrades that make the Mesa your top pick when you are looking for a car seat.

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What’s new for the 2017 Uppababy Mesa car seat?

  1. The four colors for 2017 will be Jake Black, Pascal Grey, Taylor Indigo Navy and Henry Blue Marl
  2. The new softer material makes it an even comfier ride for baby, along with added padding in the center and side.
  3. The fabric is tailored better to the seat for a sleeker look.
  4. New laminated foam rather than batted fabric for sleeker, more tailored look
  5. Liner has a new redesigned shape to help achieve the more tailored look.
  6. And last but not least, the Mesa 2017 Henry is a wool-blend and is the very first fire retardant-free car seat on the market! Naturally fire resistant yet free of any flame retardant chemicals. Wool blends make up the seat fabric & SIP carriage cover

The 2017 Mesa will retail for $299, with the Henry color at $349.
A new Mesa travel bag will be available as a separate accessory for just $79. Be sure to check out the new 2017 Vista and 2017 Cruz strollers to complete the perfect travel system.

Order your 2017 Mesa car seat today!





  1. Will the 2017 mesa require a newly designed base, or will it fit into the base of a 2015?

  2. When do you expect the 2017 Mesa to start shipping?

  3. May 2017

  4. All Mesa’s will fit onto all bases

  5. Will 2015 mesa car seat work with 2017 stroller?

  6. Hi Kasia – it will.

  7. Is the Henry wool-blend fabric also machine washable like the other colors?

  8. It is removable and washable!

  9. Is the Henry Wool-blend ‘scratchier’ than the other fabrics? I can’t imagine the wool being as soft

  10. Will the 2017 mesa fit with the 2016 vista without adapters?

  11. It will!

  12. The Henry fabric is actually super soft and not scratchy at all.

  13. when will the UppaBaby Mesa Jake be available to ship?

  14. The new 2017 Mesa in Jake is coming in late June. Shipments keep getting sold out, even before they arrive, so if you do want it, you should definitely preorder it.

  15. When will 2017 Mesa in Pascal be available at Buy Buy Baby?

  16. Hi, we at PishPoshBaby do not have that information. You would have to reach out to Buy Buy Baby directly to find that out.

  17. If I pre-order the Mesa in pascal when do you think it will ship? I’d prefer the pascal but if the jake will come sooner I would consider that also…..thanks

  18. Hi McKenna, all ETA’s are written on our website.

  19. Is the Vista travel system in Henry also fire-retardant free? Or just the Mesa baby carrier/carseat?

  20. No – just the Mesa is.

  21. Does the base come with this car seat?

  22. Hi Sarah, Yes the Uppababy Mesa comes along with a base!

  23. Will the 2017 Mesa Carseat fit the 2016 Cruz?

  24. Hi Kari, Yes the 2017 Mesa will fit the Uppababy Cruz 2016

  25. Will the 2017 Uppababy Mesa Car seat fit in the 2016 Uppababy Jake stroller?

  26. It will fit in directly.

  27. Does the 2015 mesa car seat fit the 2017 base?

  28. It does

  29. Does the 2017 mesa car seat would fit in a 2016 vista?

  30. It will!

  31. Hello, I have a 2014 uppababy vista. Will the 2017 mesa slot right in? Or will I need to purchase an additional adapter?

  32. The car seat is compatible with the 2014 Vista, but you need to call Uppababy for the correct adapters. They ship them out free of charge.

  33. Hi ellena, I plan to purchase the henry mesa, In searching for a stroller is it safe to assume that all are going to fit? Do you carry toddler car seats that meet the same non toxic natural criteria?

  34. The Uppababy Mesa only fits onto Uppababy strollers. Right now, there are no convertible car seats that are flame-retardant free.

  35. Is the 2014 Mesa compatible with the 2017 Vista?

  36. It is!

  37. Will the 2017 mesa need adaptors for 2014 Cruz ?

  38. Hi Carina, yes, you will need adapters for the UppaBaby Cruz. Uppababy should be able to help you out with getting adapters.

  39. will the 2017 Mesa fit onto the 2013 vista? Do I need to order an adaptor?

  40. The 2017 Mesa will fit onto the 2013 Vista but you will need to call Uppababy and they will send you the necessary adapters free of charge.

  41. Hi will a 2013 Mesa fit a 2017 vista ?

  42. It will – you may need adapters to have them compatible – UPPAbaby ships them for free. Give them a call.

  43. Will the 2017 Mesa fit into a 2015 Cruz stroller???

  44. Yes it will – no need for adapters.

  45. Of course!

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