0When you think of Tiny Love, likely bright colorful toys come to mind. Tiny Love has introduced a brand new Meadow Days collection, still true to their colorful nature, but with a more modern look. The Meadow Days collection is simply adorable.

“A baby’s major developmental milestones, from the first smile to the first step, are filled with wonder for both infant and parent,” said Cindy Fine, product manager at Tiny Love. “Meadow Days was created with that spirit of exploration and awe in mind, and we are eager for this new collection to foster these precious breakthrough moments for families everywhere.”

new archTiny Love designed each product in the Meadow Days collection to enable the Seven Developmental Wonders, or breakthrough moments, that make up a baby’s early development. Each product in the line will be labeled with the specific Wonders it benefits, from cognition and motor skills, to imagination and language, and beyond. To further reflect the exhilarating environment of exploration that accompanies infancy, the Meadow Days collection features a lovable cast of characters called the Tiny Pioneers, each named after famous explorers and pioneers such as Marie Curie and Thomas Edison.

Products in the Meadow Days collection include the Dynamic Gyminiβ„’, Soothe n’ Groove Mobileβ„’, Take Along Mobileβ„’, Sunny Stroll Archβ„’, and Super Mat.

ETA: Late June

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