With two awesome new Bob Gear models coming to the market, you are likely wondering what the differences are between them!

We’ll help you out with that.

Compare the Bob Gear Alterrain vs Alterrain PRO Strollers:

The Bob Alterrain retails for $499 and is designed for the Outdoor Core that wants an all-terrain ride to take on adventures. Features include a One-Hand Fold,  SmoothShoxTM Suspension and Adjustable Handlebar.  The fabric on the Alterrain is a nicer one that is Mélange Athleisure Fabric.

The Bob Alterrain PRO retails for $549 and is designed for the Athletic Achiever that wants high performance features and premium looks. It has all the same features as the standard Alterrain stroller, with the addition of a Hand Brake and Zip-Top Basket. The 100% Waterproof Fabric and reflective Wheels make it more ideal for those who are more “out there”.

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